Leather Industries of Kenya aims to produce high quality products


Being one of the oldest finished leather producers in the region, we have the advantage of experience when it comes to techniques and processes. We combine these years of experience with modern equipment and cutting edge production techniques to ensure that we are able to produce some of the best leather on the continent.

Our leather is locally sourced from goat and sheep skins and cow and camel hides which we procure in salted form, paying the farmers a premium for better quality therefore ensuring that we get the best product and they get the best price. Our factory is able to produce: Wet Blue, Crust and Finished Leather in either full grain, corrected grain or splits.

From fashion accessories, shoes, bags, belts to upholstery, LIK produces finished leather tailor made to cater to  our customers’ needs.


  • Crust

  • Finished Leather